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Calvert Title is committed to providing a quality settlement and closing process for our clients.
Our quality services are driven by technological innovations and state-of-the-art cyber security which allows us to maintain fast turnaround times and responsive communications.
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In 1632, King Charles I of England granted George Calvert a charter that became the settlement of Maryland.  While the lands of the State of Maryland may be the same, the process for transferring and recording title has evolved.

Calvert Title recognizes the value of the perfect union between experience and technology to your transaction run smoothly.  Our clients can take comfort in the experience of our core staff which have cumulatively handled thousands of settlements.  In 2020, we integrated several state-of-the-art cloud based title applications to allow our staff to increase our responsiveness and accuracy so we are able to provide you with faster turnaround times in a secure manner.

Calvert Title Company – We Settle Maryland

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Settlement Day

Distinctively architect emerging benefits rather than orthogonal solutions.

  • Funds For Closing. If you need to bring cash to the closing, we prefer it in the form of a wire transaction.  If you cannot send a wire, then a bank or certified check, payable to Calvert Title Company, will be accepted.  Please check with our office before obtaining this for accuracy.
  • Government issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license, or passport. This document cannot be expired and may not be a Military Identification.
  • If you are selling your home please remember to bring all the keys, garage door openers, codes to any alarms/openers.
  • It’s also a nice gesture to give the new buyers the name of your landscaper, septic company, private trash hauler, handyman, etc. We are sure your workmen will appreciate it also.
  • Your Smile. Yes, bring your smile. It’s a happy day, and despite all the tumult and stress you are finally purchasing/selling your home!

See our Resources pages or more information and What to Expect on your Settlement Day.